About The Artist

 Tiffany in her studio in North Georgia, 2018.

Tiffany in her studio in North Georgia, 2018.

Tiffany Toland-Scott, AKA Tito, came from the snowy alpine wonderland of the Pacific Northwest. She grew up an only child in the woods and always fed the domoviye (sort of like house spirits). She spent most of her days in the woods, and believed that there were forest spirits all around, so she would find a cozy spot in a woodpile and sit down to draw them. Her favorite medium was hi-liter and notepads from grandma's desk.

Since then she has lived many lives. She has danced on stages, played classical piano, the oboe, clarinet, guitar, cello, drums, bells, marimba and many others. She has been a dusty cowgirl, an art school student, a nomad, a photographer, an artist, a wife, and a mother.

Eventually she left the Pacific Northwest for good. After a short stint as an art student in Phoenix Arizona, she returned home and worked in a renovated hay barn for a year. She next lived in Montana with her husband for 7 years before moving across the country to North Georgia, where she still lives with a menagerie of pets and two strange but wonderful humans.

These days her work is still inspired by the domovoi, the forest spirits, and all the things little girls see in the woods. But it is also inspired by high fashion, fairy tales, Lovecraft, everything Southern Gothic, haunted houses, and mythology from all over the world. A fan of anything darkly romantic, her work is frequently subtly if not overtly dark in theme.

She is comfortable with a variety of mediums but prefers Alvin Draft-Matic mechanical pencils, charcoal, watercolors, oil pastels, and oil paints. She also uses digital tools to produce her art, paints digitally, photographs her own work, edits her own videos, and sometimes composes her own music. Occasionally, if you follow her on social media, you might see her mess around with acrylic paints, egg tempera, or paper clay.

In her "spare" time she gardens and is currently determined to have "one of everything" in her yard. She also wants to grow her own food, so she spends a lot of time smashing ants and yelling at aphids. If she could, she would have a flock of silky chickens, a clutter of cats, a pack of dogs, and a goat. All things considered, she hasn't really changed very much.

Tiffany is a member of the Rome Area Council for the Arts.

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