Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck

The journey to make the Ancient Wisdom deck was a crazy adventure I will never forget.  Having never made or published such a thing before I figured, "how hard could it be?" and threw myself into it headfirst.  The first edition was funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 that raised 250% of our goal.  I wrote the guidebook, created each of the cards, formatted all of the booklets, boxes, and cards, and worked with the printers who created each component of the deck.

Like most big projects, there were some major snags and pains along the way.  Our Kickstarter launched with incorrect delivery dates listed for the rewards, the first box of cards disintegrated during shipment and spilled cards all over inside of a FedEx plane, my business credit card (the one I use for shipping) was stolen, and the popularity and demand for the deck completely overwhelmed my abilities and my workspace.  The only thing that went off without a hitch or delay was the guidebooks, which were printed in Minneapolis.  We were able to pick them up ourselves on a road trip to Atlanta, and I will never forget how surreal it felt to walk into the print shop and see the boxes with my name on them, all ready to go.  Loading them in the car felt strange, because somehow in this project, this was the only part that went right!  My husband ended up coming on-board and we worked nights for several weeks to get all of the decks and other rewards put together, packaged, and shipped.

The decks leftover from the Kickstarter campaign sold out very quickly, and by late 2014 we were looking into getting a second edition printed.  We toyed with the idea of doing another Kickstarter, but ultimately we are facing some personal challenges with moving and selling our house, and having hundreds of oracle decks to move sounds like a terrible idea.

Second Edition Printing

The second edition of the Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck was released on March 20th, 2015 through The Game Crafter.  TGC printed the boxes for us the first time around and did a wonderful job, so we are confident that they will continue to provide high-quality American-made products for our customers.  We will not be carrying any 2nd Edition decks in regular stock at this time.

The second edition of the Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck will only be released in the deluxe size.  This is the 60-card set with a booklet and foam-lined box.  The first edition came in Standard and Deluxe, the Standard size being 40 cards with a booklet in a standard tarot box.  This size was not as popular and we have decided not to continue to offer it and to instead offer only the deluxe edition.

In the first edition, reverse-meanings were included only for the 40-card base deck.  In the 2nd edition, you will find a revised guidebook with 60 upright and reversed meanings.

We've also updated the box art.  If you bought the special 50-card edition that was only available through Kickstarter, you will recognize the new box.  It is very similar to the 50-card box.  The 50-card box was a more popular design than the other two, so we made the decision to use that design for our 2nd edition deck.

Ultimately we learned a lot from publishing the first deck, and we have taken all of your feedback and tried to improve on our first deck with the second edition printing.  I truly feel it is all the best of the first edition, and now with The Game Crafter's help, orders will be handled by a company much more accustomed to dealing with the order volume!