The Ice Queen

I have a show in Seattle next month - maybe you've heard?  It's a solo show so it's all my paintings.  I'm a little terrified that I'll show up naked with only two paintings to hang on the wall or something equally nightmarish.  I set up the gallery for the show here on my site and I have actually plenty of paintings, and I bought an outfit especially for this, so hopefully that crisis has been averted.  Hopefully.

This is the first time I've ever done this.  Earlier this year I participated in my first gallery group show, also at Eight and Sand, but I've never had a solo show before.  Somehow it feels like a lot more pressure than filling a 10x10 or even 10x20 booth for a convention or outdoor show.  So I've probably overcompensated a little bit, and I'm still working like a maniac despite having over a dozen paintings already.  Here's what I worked on today.  This one is called "Ice Queen".  She's oils on paper and is currently 9"x12", but will get mounted on an 8"x10" panel and trimmed down.  It's a bit sad to lose some of the edges, but it will look better if the painting extends to the edges.


The images above can be clicked to enlarge them.  The first is the under-painting, which was done entirely in Van Dyke Brown, Titanium Buff, and white.  The second image is the first layer of color, and the third image is where I stopped today.  The fourth shot is my messy, messy desk, with "Ice Queen" front and center.

Here's another one I'm working on.  I try to work on two simultaneously, so once one is too wet to continue on, I set it aside to dry and work on the second painting.  I am hopeful that I will finish this one tonight and sketch another one.

I'm a machine, and I cannot stop.  I need to finish that arm in the front there, and the key dangling from her hand, and then I might actually be finished with that painting.  That's a crazy thought!  It's huge and I've been dying to finish it, but all the little flowers in the foreground have been too wet to risk smudging them.  This is only maybe my 7th or 8th oil painting at the most, I'm not really sure.  I don't have much experience with oils but they've really "clicked" for me all of the sudden, so I'm just going with it as fast as I can.

Well I should probably refill my water bottle and get back to work!