More Interviews and Sketches

Hi everybody!

I've been pretty busy painting ravens, experimenting with watercolors, and working on some new oil paintings!  First there's a couple new interviews.  Part 2 of my interview at Artist Talk and an interview from Eight and Sand Gallery, where my Tumultuous Tea Party paintings are currently on exhibit until December 5th.

I wanted to try something new since I upgraded my projector over the summer.  I was using an old fashioned one that had a mirror in it and all that, but it didn't work very well for me.  So I bought a small cheap ($60ish dollars) digital projector that I could plug into my computer.  I've also used it to watch TV, I admit.  It works great if you don't need the best image quality in the world.  Normally transferring sketches onto a solid substrate requires making copies to enlarge it or reduce its size, messy carbon or transfer papers and so on.  With a projector you can just project your sketch right onto a canvas at whatever size you want.  It worked great and I was able to get 5 sketches ready in under 2 hours.

These pictures are from my Instagram feed, which you can follow here.

I've started on the underpainting for one of them as you can see, and I'll probably go ahead and get underpaintings done on all of them and work them in a rotation assembly-line style.  I'm a little weirdly methodical like that.  ;)

Don't miss out on the new raven paintings, which will be available through my site for about one day.  After that I'll gradually auction them off on eBay one at a time.  My other raven paintings that I've auctioned have sold for nearly $100 in some cases so if you want one snag one!

Back to work for me!