Retiring Prints 50% Off! Coupon: RP50OFF

The time has come for me to put some of my art into retirement.  These are pieces that I no longer wish to work with, that have not been as popular as other pieces, or are not up to my standards anymore.  As time goes on and I continue working in a new direction, I will retire another batch of paintings.  I am anticipating that I will retire another set next summer.

For now, you can get 50% off prints that are in the "Retiring Dec. 31st" categories of the Fantasy, Gothic, Mythic, Tumultuous Tea Party, and Watercolor galleries.  No amount of pleading or begging will spare them, and I won't hold the prints or make any more later.  If there are any left in stock, we'll auction them off one at a time until they're gone.

For 50% off use the code RP50OFF - that's RP 50 (five zero) OFF, in case the zero and O side-by-side is confusing or hard to distinguish!  These prints may continue to be licensed or pop-up on products in the future, but I won't be stocking any prints of them anymore.

Say bye bye!