Indigo Child

I have finally gotten my new camera and taken high-res photos of my newest oil painting, Indigo Child!  I finished Indigo Child at the end of December, but then it had to dry and be mounted to a panel and be photographed.  I tried to photograph it before mounting it, but the paper wouldn't stay flat enough for that to work.  It sometimes takes a really long time to get these oil paintings available for prints, but I am sure over time I will get faster at preparing them.

Indigo Child has already sold, but I have prints available now thanks to my great new camera!  Here are some pictures of Indigo Child finished, up close, and in progress.  You can order prints directly from my studio HERE.

Indigo Child is the first in a new series of paintings called "Threnody".  I have a few more paintings which are already finished in this series, but they are drying or being mounted.  I should have more to share (and for sale) in February.  These paintings are inspired by my own dream imagery, which is often a bit creepy but usually centered around nature.  I am really excited to share them with you!