Moonspell Work in Progress

Hi everybody!  Here's an oil painting I've been working on today.  It might look finished, but I still have a lot of work planned for this one.  She will likely be a card in my next oracle deck, which I have only just started to work on.  I have one or two pieces finished for the deck now, this will be the third, and I am working on a fourth.  I also have concepts for five and six worked out, so hopefully I will keep chugging right along and have all of the work finished soon!  I am thinking it will be around 40 or 45 cards, so not as big as my last deck, but still a nice-sized deck.  Here are some pictures from my desk today, from the original rough sketch to where I left off just a short bit ago.  I think it's a bit funny that you can see my desk progress from relatively tidy to carnage as well.  Enjoy!