Halloween and Bags

Good morning everyone!

Long time no blog, sorry about that! I've been busy since we got home from vacation and it's been hard for me to find some "normalcy", a routine, get back into the swing, you know how it is.

This week I posted a Halloween gallery and consolidated all of our bag designs into one page. Here's a link to the Halloween gallery and below you'll find some coupons for free shipping!

Free shipping on orders of $30 or more in the US only

Free shipping on orders of $45 or more going anywhere else in the world

So, the bags. I have removed a lot of the bag designs and have added 8 new designs. You can find the bags in the "Shop" menu above, or click HERE. I know some people will be sad about the bag designs I removed, but there were so many bag designs it was ridiculous. The page would have never loaded for anyone! I also wanted to improve the site's organization a bit and eventually would like all the buyables under the "Shop" menu, but I'm still working on my print offerings right now. Here are the new bags I added:

Here's the link to the bag gallery one more time: CLICK!

That's it for now. I'll be updating my Patreon today with some new stuff, and will probably spend most of the day painting. Work in progress shots will be up on Patreon!