PSP Tubes Discontinued

Hello everyone!

I hope you've all had a happy Thanksgiving and some good times with your families. I've taken the last week off and have really enjoyed eating too much and watching a lot of weird, bad, and dumb TV shows. ;) But now it's time to get serious and spend at least a little time at work!

After a lot of thought and consideration, I have decided to remove PSP tubes from my website. I have/had no intention of releasing any of my new work as PSP tubes and rarely had the time to upload older works to the site as tubes. I will not be offering any support for any tubes ordered from my site or from past sources.

Tubing of my work is strictly prohibited and sharing existing, previously purchased tubes, is also prohibited as per the terms outlined in the agreements when you purchased the tubes. I have no plan to license my work for this use in the future, as it simply doesn't line up with my vision for my artwork going forward.

The tubing community has been wonderful with their support of my work in the past, and I truly appreciate it! It's just time to do something else, as I felt my work was no longer a good fit for the tubing community.