Prints Retiring Feb 28th and March 31st

Hi everyone!  I thought I'd go ahead and put the prints retiring March 31st on sale, so you can order this month's and next month's and only pay shipping once!  I also have a coupon code that will grant free shipping on orders containing $25 or more of retiring prints to customers in the US.  It will also grant free shipping to Canadians and Mexicans ordering $35 or more of retiring prints, and free worldwide shipping on orders containing $45 or more of retiring prints.  Here's the coupon code:


The coupon expires at 11:59 PM Mountain Time on Feb. 28th.  Now, here's the prints retiring on Feb. 28th (tomorrow!):

You can view and order these prints HERE.  Don't forget that retirement also affects bags, and these images won't be available on tarot bags after they retire.

Here's all the prints retiring on March 31st:

You can view all of these prints (and bags) HERE

I hope you like them!  See ya soon with some new paintings!