Oracle Decks Are BACK!

...sort of.  We're going through a sort of "print-on-demand" company this time instead of doing a big Kickstarter and all that.  We need a bigger facility to do another deck, among other logistical issues that we encountered last time, so we're not going to keep these in stock.

I repeat!  We are NOT keeping these in stock.  But for a limited time you can pre-order them from me.  I will have only enough decks made and shipped to me to fulfill the pre-orders, I will sign them and ship them on to you.  After that pre-order window has closed, you will have to order them directly from the POD company and those decks are obviously not going to be signed.

So just to be extra clear - this is your only opportunity to get this deck from me signed and all.  Plus I am including some secret goodies with pre-orders that you won't get later on.  Click the image above to go to the order page or click HERE.

We've gotten a lot of feedback about this sold-out deck over the 20 months since the deck was originally released, and we've tried to make as many improvements to the deck as we could based on your feedback.  Here's some of the changes we've made:

  • Upright and reverse meanings now included for ALL cards including the 20 extra cards only included in the deluxe edition
  • New box art and matching booklet cover
  • Redesigned card backs which are non-directional so you cannot tell whether the card is upright or reversed when it is flipped over

All of the artwork is the same, but the box and guidebook have new covers that now match.  The boxes are just like the foam-lined boxes used for the 60-card decks in the first edition, and everything fits neatly inside the foam compartments.

Overall I am really pleased with this edition of the deck, maybe even more so than last time!  Here's a video of me checking out the very first copy of the oracle deck.  It's kind of long since I unpack the deck and go over all the differences, but there's sarcastic commentary and I even play the credits music myself!