Galena and Sea Song

Hi everybody!  I have two new paintings available as prints tonight!  One of the originals is not for sale, but the other can be had on the Originals For Sale page HERE.

The first one is "Galena":

I painted Galene the Nereid Nymph to give to my mother for her birthday.  She came to visit last week and I wanted to give it to her then, but it wasn't dry enough to frame it.  She lives on a street named for Galene, the nymph of calm seas.  My mother is getting the original painting, but you can get prints of Galena/Galene right HERE.

Next up is "Sea Song":

"Sea Song" isn't representative of any specific nymphs or spirits.  I just love water and wanted to paint a woman with some seashells!  This one is an 8x10 oil painting on paper and it is framed and ready to hang!  You can get the original HERE and the prints HERE.