PSP Tubes Are Back!

I've been getting a lot of e-mails and messages about my PSP tubes since I retired from CDO last year.  I've been debating selling them myself for some time, but we had some things we had to figure out on our end about selling them.  Mainly, the new VAT regulations on digital products.  For anyone outside of the EU, you can pretty much disregard this next bit:

If you are in the EU, you will need to e-mail us before placing an order.  We will manually prepare your files and upload them as a reserved listing to the site so that you can download them and complete the checkout on our site.  We are still looking into this, but we may have to start charging VAT on digital products in the near future.

I've uploaded a huge selection of my tubes already, and I'll be releasing more regularly from now on.  I don't anticipate offering any tubes of my newer paintings, and I won't be taking any requests for custom tubes or to tube any of my new oil paintings.  And no, tubing of my new oil paintings is not allowed.

If you want to see what tubes we have up already, just hover over the "PSP Tubes" menu above to be shown all the categories of tubes, such as fairies, angels, vampires, and more.