Retiring in April and May

It's that time again!  In all, 10 prints will be retiring between April and May, and today is the last day to get your April prints!  Tomorrow I'll be taking them offline for good.  Today is the only day to get prints retiring in both months, so don't wait!  I can't guarantee we will have prints left over, but I will soon be going through the list and pulling any leftovers to give everyone one last shot at owning these.

I've explained why I am retiring so many pieces before, but people are still a little bewildered and upset by it.  It's hard to see your favorites go, I get it.  Unfortunately my portfolio is massive and I felt like it was time for some spring cleaning.  I won't be getting rid of all of my digital art, at least not this year.  There's a long list of pieces that will survive the cut, but it's just time.  My site is getting more and more confusing with all of this art, a lot of the pieces are really old and not as good as they could be, and so on. Some of the pieces may be available elsewhere still, but that may change as well.  I always want to put my best foot forward, and there's just a lot of art here that isn't my best foot anymore.

I hope that makes sense.  :)

If you're planning on snagging some retiring art, use this coupon for orders of $40 or more of retiring prints and get free shipping (US only, sorry!):


And here's where you can find the retiring images (don't forget that bags retire too!): April and May