July 11, 2015

I really need to post on my blog more often. This summer has been totally nuts. We're trying to finish fixing up our house so we can sell it and move somewhere warmer/some place where all the seasons are longer, except for stupid winter. So, all of our parents have been here at various points already this summer to help us out. We're pretty lucky that we both came from families of contractors. :P We've finally got a fence all the way around the property, new gravel in the driveway, and a rotten section of our roof replaced. I know, how exciting! ;)

All of this excitement has meant I've barely sat down at my computer since May. I've barely touched a paintbrush and I definitely haven't had time to finish anything. That sucks. I usually paint every day and it's really difficult for me to not paint. I get really out of shape, so my hands hurt for weeks after I "come back" to work. I've been trying to get started on a new piece all day and it's just been one thing after another. I did get a chance to vacuum and dust my studio, and after 2 months of just sitting, it really needed it. I've finally got a panel all prepped for a new piece, since some "oil paint paper" I bought didn't pan out. It said it was oil paint paper, but it wasn't primed for oil paint and my paint just soaked right into it. I know over time the paper will eat it so I'm going to chuck that in the trash and start over on board. I prefer to work on smooth boards anyway, so it's fine. Just annoying to waste time on it!

I'll try to get something done tonight, so I'll have pictures to post tomorrow, perhaps...