Away With the Fae

It feels so good to finally scan this painting in! I started her back in March and had to wait long periods of time for glazes to dry and such before I could work on her again, and then glaze her, and then work on her, and then glaze her, and then touch her up a bit, and then wait for her to dry so she wouldn't stick to the scanner... eep! Sometimes oil painting feels like it takes forever even if the paintings themselves don't take that long. This one felt like it took an extraordinary amount of time though, it's pretty small and has lots of little tiny details, so a lot of it was painted with little tiny brushes.

You might recall back in April I put a watercolor study up on eBay (and my site) for this piece. The study has sold but I still have the original of this painting. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with it, but she comes in a gold oval frame. If anyone is interested, you can send me an e-mail at info @

This piece is 6"x8" on paper, and was done in oils. It was a fun piece to work on, and I hope to do some more small-scale pieces that hopefully don't take quite so long to create!

You can get prints of "Away With the Fae" HERE.

See ya tomorrow night with two new sketches!