The Amazing Bird Girl

Yesterday I started working on my piece for the Freak Show group show at Penumbra in Portugal. This show is in September but since I'll be going on vacation before the show and the show is in another country, I want to give the painting enough time to dry and get there safely. So I'm going to try and get this one all painted this week so I can ship it off ASAP. I like to start my pieces as pencil sketches. Usually what I'll do is scan this in to the computer and either trace over it or project it for larger pieces that will be on boards, or print it onto thick paper for smaller pieces. Then I'll seal the paper and paint on top of my sketch. It's nice to have a little guideline to begin with, and it makes the painting process go faster for me.

I also like to do watercolor studies, so I can figure out what colors I want to use for the final. I might be making watercolor studies for this piece and definitely for the one after, since it is a very complicated painting. I'll probably be posting the next painting's sketch tomorrow.

Here's the sketch of The Amazing Bird Girl, which is up for auction on eBay HERE.

I had hoped to have two sketches ready to post tonight, but the other one is going to take a bit longer to finish since it's pretty complicated!

Earlier today I tackled some e-mails. Tomorrow morning will be an order day, meaning I'll be packing and shipping orders including orders with sketches or personalized books. Those always take extra time since I usually don't sketch in them until they're ordered. I can't pack and ship every day because we don't have day care for our son anymore and he's *always* home now. It has its upsides and its downsides, but it can be really challenging to get things done in the workshop when he's around. He wants to "help", but it's not something he can help with yet, so it just ends up being very frustrating for both of us!

Well, I guess I better get to work on the next piece!