Down the Rabbit Hole

I'm so excited to share that I was chosen to be a new member of the Rabbit Hole artist collective! This month there's an Alice in Wonderland themed auction and I'm doing my best to make sure I have some art ready so I can participate in it! I love Alice in Wonderland and used to make a lot of Alice in Wonderland art when I first started out as an artist. So, I've been working my butt off on this sketch to get it just right.

Since this is a concept sketch and I don't need it anymore, I've put it up for grabs on eBay HERE.

I wanted to include as many of the symbols from Wonderland as I could - teacups, pink flamingo feathers, playing cards, pieces of a pocket watch, mushrooms, treats from the tea party, and of course a bottle of mysterious potion!

I wasn't feeling well today so it was great to just sit around and work on this and not worry about doing anything else. I did get eBay orders out today and I'm still working on orders for the site - sorry about the delay, I just have a lot of sketching to do for those orders!  I'm also trying to get everything caught up before I leave. Since I work in oils now I need to have everything ready for art shows in September before we go to Disney World, otherwise the paintings won't be dry in time. The nice thing is I always do really well during "crunch time" like this. I guess I like the challenge.

I'll probably be working on a watercolor study for this Alice drawing tomorrow, and maybe Bird Girl. After I get all the orders done! At least I got all the printing done today, so tomorrow I'll just have to find some time to pack them all up. Hopefully the thunderstorms we've been having will let up tomorrow so I can kick my kid outside to play while I get some orders packed. :P