Farther Down the Rabbit Hole...

I've finished the watercolor version of Alice. I would still like to tackle her in oils and I will if I get a chance, or perhaps I'll just start anew with a new Wonderland piece. I'm not completely unsatisfied with the little watercolor study I did, and if I'd had more time to dedicate to it I'm sure I could have made something I really liked. Unfortunately with all the time I've been out of the office this summer due to family visiting and other stuff going on, there was just no way for me to dedicate more time to it. I have lots more pieces to make before I can go on vacation, and with this out of the way I can spend more time on those pieces and hopefully be happier with those.

Tomorrow I shall start the watercolor study for The Amazing Bird Girl and maybe even start the oils for that one, who knows what the day will bring? Here's Alice, for now.

You can order prints of Alice HERE!

And don't forget the auction for the original Down the Rabbit Hole sketch ends tomorrow night HERE.

I also put three canvas prints up on eBay tonight. These are hand-embellished canvas prints, stretched over wooden bars and ready to hang. These are perfect leftovers from shows, but I'm not doing any shows at all this year and these take up a lot of space in my workshop, so I'd like them to find homes. Opening bid prices and buy it now prices are really low!

Lady of the Falls #5 of 25

Stellium #2 of 25

Portal to Atlantis #4 of 25

Sorry I lapsed on my daily updates for a couple of days. On Saturday we had to go to Bozeman, Montana, which is almost 2 hours from where we live. Luke had to get his CPR certification updated for work, so Wolfie and I went along and shopped and checked out the city. I've lived here for six years and never been to Bozeman because I'm so busy I never get out of the house, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Bozeman is actually a really interesting city and I'll definitely have to go back and check it out more in-depth!

Yesterday I was just busy. I had to catch up on painting and some personal stuff, and I'm still not really caught up but hey, whatever, that's life, lol! It was a busy day and I had pretty much nothing to show for it - lame.

I think that's about it for me tonight! It's been a long day and tomorrow is probably going to be another long day of playing catch up!