The Amazing Bird Girl - Part 2

Ahhh it's been a busy couple of days! I've had to leave the house a few times to get groceries unfortunately. I like it when I can just hibernate for a week and paint my brains out, but we kept running out of essentials like coffee and dog food. I need coffee to function and my doggies can't go hungry! :P I'll probably stay in for the rest of the week now, though. I guess the remnants of Hurricane Dolores are supposed to be coming our way, so it might actually rain for once! I love painting while it rains.

I tried using a limited color palette for this painting. I really like limiting my color palette as much as I can. This one only uses four or five colors and I used a dark blue micron pen in a few spots to clean up a few lines, and ink the text on the banner. This watercolor study is up for grabs on eBay HERE or you can get prints of it HERE. I am considering limiting the amount of time that prints of watercolor studies are available for, but I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking maybe 7 days or something, or maybe a month, I'm not really sure! Or maybe I'll just leave them alone.

Anyway, here's some pictures from the process of creating this study. Enjoy!