Coloring Book Kickstarter

Hey everybody!

The coloring book Kickstarter is up and going! You can check it out HERE if you haven't already. We're so close to 50% funded and I really hope we can get all the way funded. This coloring book has been a total labor of love. Most of the pages were done on my own time before I knew for sure how we would publish the book, so I've taken a huge gamble and sunk hundreds of hours into hand-drawing each coloring page individually.

The campaign is very near 50% funded, as I mentioned before, and I've promised the backers that if we get to 50% today, I'll add 2 more images to the book for a total of 4 more pages to color! I'm also working on some special backers-only coloring pages and other stuff that will be posted soon.

That's it for now, I suppose! I've been juggling a lot of projects and tasks this week, so I painted all day for the last two days, and today I'll have to get busy with coloring pages again. I may make some more ravens for the campaign, to try and recover some of the momentum we lost. I'll have to ask the people who pledged for the 4 ravens I already sold if it's okay with them. So there's a possibility of some more goodies soon!

Don't forget to check it out HERE!

Until next time...