New House (finally!)

We are finally settling down here in Georgia! Our new house is coming together and while we're still unpacking the studio and putting furniture into place, I am getting back into the swing with working and hopefully soon, painting!

The new house seems to have come with a free cat. For now she's living in the studio level of the house. The new house is a split-level house with four levels, and the new studio is situated on what used to be the apartment-level. We can close it off from the rest of the house, so Seesee, as my son has named her, is inhabiting the studio-level until we know for sure that she's not sick and our other cats are used to smelling her smells in the house. She is not a very good studio companion, since she sits on paintings and knocks my French easel over almost daily, but she tries very hard!

I'll write more about our new house soon, and definitely about lots of new art VERY soon - I am dying to get back to work!