Positive / Negative

Many of my friends have been posting the most negative comment they've ever received about their art on social media. I've been sharing my art on the Internet since 2002, so I've received my fair share of hateful comments. They run the gamut from benign "you suck!" to the very malignant, "your art is contrived and pretentious. Kill yourself."

Obviously, I am still here, so that didn't exactly inspire the desired result.

I try not to give negative comments much head space. People who leave them are usually just lashing out at the nearest victim, and whatever it is that they're saying, isn't really about you. It's hard to remember that sometimes, because our art is often so personal, but the more you remind yourself that their comments are just projections, the easier it will become to let it roll off your back. There's one video in particular that I stumbled upon a couple years ago and it helped me understand what drives The Critic and why The Critic's opinion is only as important as you think it is. JP Sears, a YouTuber known mostly for his comedy videos, has some wonderful advice to share about dealing with criticism, and I've embedded it below.

It's a bit of a lengthy video, but if you watch it and take it to heart, I'm sure it will help anyone down in the dumps about a critical or mean-spirited comment turn it around and make it a positive, or even just something that doesn't register at all.

What about you? What's the most negative or the most positive comment you've ever received?