Massive Moving Sale

Let's talk about moving! Here's what's up:

  • The site will close on July 15th for everything except sales of original paintings. The blog will still be updated. Originals are for sale HERE. Originals have already been marked down and will remain marked down for the moving sale until July 15th.
  • I have decided to use this as an opportunity to retire a bunch of my art and start working on fresh collections in Atlanta. Prints marked with RETIRING will be removed from the site on July 3rd. They will NOT be for sale from me again after that. Open prints are all listed HERE.
  • Compact mirrors, buttons, and zipper pouches/bags are 50% off or more. Compacts are HERE, buttons are HERE, and zipper pouches are HERE.
  • Journals are also on sale. I will continue to carry journals after we've relocated but probably won't be reordering these designs. I will sign them on the front or inside cover if you ask in the checkout. Journals are HERE.
  • Throw blankets are on sale HERE.
  • There are also clearance 5x7 prints for $2 each HERE in very, very limited quantities!

On July 3rd or 4th I'll be putting up grab bags of art to remove all the old leftover prints from my workshop, however there's no guarantee of what will be in them, how large they'll be, or that you'll get the prints you want. I wouldn't wait. I can also combine orders for a shipping discount, just e-mail me at novembersmuse [at] gmail [dot] com if that's what you want to work out!

  • I am not sure yet when the site will reopen. That will depend on a lot of factors that are unknown to me right now. Sales of originals will resume on August 2nd, but I don't know when prints, coloring books, and other merchandise will be back.
  • Orders will all ship by July 21st. I will not be shipping or answering e-mails between July 22nd and August 1st.
  • We're moving to Atlanta. We'll be staying with my wonderful and crazy-generous in-laws for an unknown amount of time while we deal with job transitions, selling our house in Montana, and either renting an apartment or buying another house. So we have a very unknown timeline of moving and other big life changes over the next few months.
  • I am not taking commissions at this time and I don't anticipate I will reopen them at least until 2017.
  • Life is really crazy and I'm doing my absolute best to deal with everything that's been thrown in my plate lately on top of not having a car (!!! argh!!!!!!!!) and I really appreciate your continued patience while I barrel through this next month!