The Road to Georgia: Part 1

We finished the first part of our move yesterday. We spent the last week in Washington cleaning out my old childhood bedroom and picking up a few family treasures: (great-great)Grandma French's crystal, the bar set from the old family cabin, two little boxes of recipes from my (great)Grandma Shill including some authentic family recipes (German/Prussian, Italian, Spanish), and a never-used, still-in-the-box 23 piece fine China tea/coffee set that one of my uncles purchased and sent to my grandmother directly from Japan. The customs label is still attached and declares a value of $11.95. If I had a time machine...

Some other things that are treasures to me include a couple of retro ceramic Christmas trees with little glass bulbs that you can rearrange in the color configuration of your choice, a gargantuan bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, and an amazing picture of my grandfather. Obviously, mischief is genetic. The bottle of vodka looks deceptively small in that picture, but the photo of my grandpa next to it is probably 8x10 or 9x12!

We finally tumbled into bed here in Montana at 4 AM this morning. We're all exhausted but tomorrow is the most epic day of the decade: Garage Clean-Out 2016! Kill me now.

I'll be processing all outstanding orders tomorrow and shipping them on Monday. I've taken down everything that was for sale for now. Eventually, when I'm resettled in Georgia, the ability to buy things will be back. And hopefully there will be lots of new art!

Until next time...