Retiring Prints Extended through 7-5!

Hey everybody! I have a car again, but I was out of the office for a few days while I was picking up said car, so I'm extending the retiring prints sale! You would be wrong to assume that there will be leftovers of the prints retiring on 7/5 - in fact, for many of these prints I have absolutely nothing on hand and have just been making them as needed to fill orders. Here's all the prints that are absolutely, positively gone on 7/5:

We also don't keep ANY 13x19 prints on hand, those are always made as they're ordered. So on 7/5, 13x19s of every image will be discontinued permanently. There are also lots of prints with only one or two 8x10s in stock, like these favorites:

The other issue with waiting to see if these end up in the retired gallery is that over the next few days I'll be taking things out of the retired prints and putting them into grab bags. Leftover prints discontinued on 7/5 may end up filtered right into grab bags rather than being moved around on the site.

Since I'm moving, the idea is really to get rid of as much of what I have on hand as possible, so that I have fewer things to move, but I also don't want anyone to miss out on owning a print that they've been wanting.

That's it for now! I'll keep posting updates as we get closer to moving!