I thought I should probably post an update that we made it to Georgia about two weeks ago and we're settling in at my in-laws' house! We'll be staying here for a bit until we finish selling our house in Montana and buy a new one here in Georgia.

That said, I will remain "closed" until further notice. It will be at least September if not October before I reopen. I am planning to do some special, limited releases of original art during that time, but for now most of my business materials are in storage or still in Montana. There are also several other reasons I can't take orders for general merchandise like prints and books - there's limited space where we're staying, I don't have a business license here, I don't have the site setup to collect Georgia sales tax yet, and one of the really big ones is I closed my business bank account because it was at a local bank in Montana, so there's nowhere for any money collected from my site to be deposited to!

Right now I'm working on some small pieces and will announce a release date for those. I don't know for sure when I will have prints available again. It may be some time next year, depending on how long it takes us to find a suitable home here in Georgia.

Thank you for being patient, and sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience! Make sure you join my mailing list so you'll be notified when new collections of original art are released.

Hopefully soon I'll find more time to blog!