It feels like the process of moving in is never done, especially in the studio. It's a pretty functional space now, at least, but I still have boxes and boxes of supplies, frames, prints, and so on to unpack. It's starting to shape up, though, and I've spent a good chunk of the weekend unpacking and arranging my studio.

I'm a little tired after working all day today and yesterday, but here's some pictures I took today of my new space, what's hanging up on the sketch line, and what's currently taped to the watercolor table.

  1. What's on the sketch line right now? A ton of Lovecraft-inspired stuff, plus a weird Alice in Wonderland 1920's piece.
  2. I'm still in the rough stages for this painting. I'm working in watercolors right now, but I will be finishing it in oils.
  3. I think I'll have to get some shelves for my seashells. The cats keep knocking them off the window ledge with their furry fannies.
  4. More seashells, but these are a bit safer from feline mischief!
  5. The corner that I pretty much live in. Wish I could find the box with all my lights in it, but for now this will work.
  6. Did you know it snowed in Atlanta? I live north of Atlanta so I got more of it than they did, I think. It's been pretty cold for a couple of days and the snow hasn't completely melted yet.
  7. This is my next project. We're going to turn the massive walk-in-closet attached to my studio into a little office, but I still have a lot of organizing and arranging to do in there (clearly). Eventually we'll put my computer in there and it will be great for digital painting since there are no windows = no glare.

Wish me luck with all this unpacking!