Year after year, I've wanted to participate in InkTober, but not had the time. I vowed this year would be different. Somehow, between helping all my relatives move, school events, Halloween parties, costume making, and of course redesigning my site, working on paintings, and shipping orders, I would make the time to do InkTober every day.

Clearly, I'm insane.

I haven't managed to do it every day, but I still think I'm doing fairly well considering all the other things I also have to do! Here's three pieces I've finished so far, plus all the inked graphics on my new site design.


These will all be available for sale later - I'll be auctioning 3 of my InkTober pieces towards the end of the month, and some will be included in my online show next month. I'll post more information about my online show later on!

Newsletter subscribers will get a free printable coloring page on Saturday, plus they'll be getting an exclusive show preview and early access to the paintings in the show. If you haven't joined the newsletter, there's no time like the present!