Paint Dreams

I've had so little time in the studio lately that I've resorted to watching old videos of myself painting in order to get my "fix", hah! At some point I'd like to go through my old footage and edit them into single timelapse videos instead of divided up into segments like they are now. Here's one of those segments where I was at the initial "add color" phase of this painting, "We Were Like the Sun and the Moon", from 2014. I painted this for my solo show at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle in November of 2014. My husband helped me put the painting into a huge gorgeous frame and the painting has hung in my private art collection since the show ended.

I think tomorrow will finally be a studio day. I have an oil painting that I had started to add color to a couple weeks ago and I'm itching to finish it. My grandparents are almost all moved in to their new house just around the corner from my house, and now they're off to Utah to get my mom and bring her back here, too! I'm at their house today waiting for the cable guy to show up and install some TV here. I have a little watercolor painting I've been working on when I'm here and I'll probably go finish that now.

Don't forget about Inktober! I have some catching up to do tomorrow but I'm hoping to actually finish it this year... we'll see how it goes with all this house-moving that is going on around here!