Painting Montezuma's Castle

A few days ago I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. In this video, I use watercolors to quickly (around 40 minutes or less total active painting time) paint Montezuma's Castle in Sedona, AZ. On the video voice over I talk a little bit about Montezuma's Castle and what it actually is. If you support my Patreon at the $5+ a month level you'll get the real-time video as well, which is 57 minutes of painting and explaining what colors, techniques, and materials I'm using, along with some squeaky chair fart jokes. Check out my Patreon HERE.

Patrons at the $5+ level can also download a package of royalty free stock photos that I took in Sedona, as well as packs from Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, and a "haunted house". The photo series will continue monthly and your pledges enable me to continue taking my little photo excursions.