Sea Change and Swamp Roses

Here are two sketches I've finished recently. The first one is called "Sea Change", and the second one is "Swamp Rose". The first was just for fun, the second one was inspired by a bush of swamp roses that popped out of the dirt in front of my studio window earlier this spring.

I have been working mostly on sketches lately. I'd like to release my first sketchbook later this year, but I need a lot more sketches before I have enough to do that! I've been trying to sketch every day, but lately I've been painting instead. I haven't produced many finished paintings this year because of my concentration on sketching. It's a mixed bag - on one hand my drawing skills are really improving quickly, on the other hand, I don't have much exciting new stuff to release.

I've also released a video today of how I utilize tracing paper for my sketches. There are some instructions on scanning tracing paper drawings and timelapse footage of me working on another sketch as well.

Now I'm off to work on more stuff!

See ya next time...