I really miss blogging. At various points I've managed to make it a daily or nearly-daily habit, but the last couple of years have just been too crazy. I feel like things are finally starting to settle down, but then I suppose they're not really.

  • We just had hurricane Irma, and we're fine. It was a tropical storm by the time it made its way up here, and it was hardly windy at all where I live, just rainy. But we did have to spend a little time doing things like bringing our deck plants inside, bringing in loose or lightweight objects, etc. It wasn't too bad, and now that we've done that I don't know if we'll bother to put that stuff back outside. It seems like summer is almost over here anyway.
  • My grandparents are selling their house, and might actually be signing the papers as I type this out. They still live in Washington but have bought a house literally five minutes away from my house. In a few days they will be here and will have to stay with us for a little while until they take possession of their new home.
  • My mom is also selling her house and by the end of the month I have to be in Utah to help her move. She is also moving here, and will be staying with us until she finds a new home and a job.

In the midst of all of this, there have been hurricanes here, and wildfires in Washington. My grandparents had to evacuate the house they're selling and there were a few days where we weren't sure they could sell it because it was uninsurable with the wildfire so close to it. That seems to be resolved and the wildfire is partially contained now, so hopefully we are done with that and in a couple of days they'll be on the road towards my house.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster lately. But I've been painting all along it, and working on revamping the website. It's a lot easier to "juggle" so much now that my son is older and goes to school.

Over the weekend I started a couple new pieces. I've been priming panels and working on an underpainting. I'm trying a sort of hybrid of underpainting and grisaille, using burnt umber, white, and black fast matte alkyds from Gamblin. I'm trying to shorten the time a little bit by working the grisaille into the underpainting while the underpainting is still wet. It feels like it's slow, but I'll do one more layer on the grisaille to adjust lighting, let it dry, and then begin colors and final details. So it might not be so slow after all.

I'll try to blog more often, at least until I have to go to Utah!