Kickstarter Round-Up Vol. 1

Something I've wanted to start doing for a long time is a periodic feature of Kickstarter projects by my friends and friends-of-friends. I can't always support my friends' Kickstarter projects with money, but so many of my friends are incredibly talented and I want to support them by featuring their creations at the very least.

First up...

Meredith Dillman's 2018 Calendar

I've known Meredith for uhm.... a really long time! Her watercolor art is sweet and playful and perfect for anyone that needs something to brighten up a space. You can snag one of Meredith's calendars for as little as $17!

Visit Meredith's Kickstarter by clicking HERE

Scurry: The Drowned Forest by Mac Smith

I actually don't know Mac personally, so this is a friend-of-a-friend's Kickstarter project, but how awesome does this look?!? I think I may have to ask "Santa" to back this for me. If you're an adult and you loved Redwall as a kid, you might be interested in Scurry, the tale of a colony of mice living in a post-apocalyptic world. This is a self-published comic book project that has gone way over the goal already. And this is actually book 2, but you can get both books in softcover format for $35.

Visit Mac's Kickstarter by clicking HERE

Erica Lyn Schmidt's 2017 Art Book

Erica's bird paintings are a delight for any bird-nerd. Her Kickstarter project is for a 6"x9" art book featuring her artwork and it also looks as though there are some interesting art tips and a feature of some other Bird Whisperer project artists. You can get a copy of Erica's book for $25!

Visit Erica's Kickstarter by clicking HERE

That's it for this week's (month's?) Kickstarter Round-Up! Do you have a Kickstarter project you'd like me to take a look at? I can't promise I will feature every Kickstarter project I'm shown, but if I think it's interesting it might end up here. Submit your Kickstarter below!

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