Real Estate exhausting. It's been a WEEK and it's only Wednesday. I'm tired and uncaffeinated and have been deep cleaning my house for the last five days. It's taken so long because we're down to the last difficult boxes to unpack, I think. You know, those boxes full of random papers and junk that seemed really important once but now that you've moved it across the country you think, "why did I keep this garbage?"

We're also trying to clean out our guest bedroom until it's bare bones because my mom will probably be moving in with us soon until she finds her next house. That part isn't so bad, since we don't keep much in there, but we were using the closet for linens so those all had to get "rehomed" somewhere else in the house.

It just seems like we're down to the last few boxes, then three more show up somewhere. I'm so tired of it, and I've probably thrown away more stuff this week than I ever have in my life combined. Eventually I'm going to get everything unpacked and the whole house deep-cleaned, or I'm going to rent a dumpster and become a minimalist so I can just paint all the time.

That doesn't sound so bad...