Large Canvas Grab Bag

Grab bag chest.jpg
Grab bag chest.jpg

Large Canvas Grab Bag


This is a canvas bag with one of my paintings printed on the front. Each bag has a drawstring closure and is packed with an assortment of discontinued merchandise. Here’s an idea of what each bag contains:

  • 2-3 tarot-size canvas drawstring bags with art on the front

  • calendars from previous years (cut out the art and frame it, or glue a new calendar over the old date boxes, use it for crafts or scrapbooking, etc.)

  • a random art book

  • a compact mirror with art on the outside of the case

  • possibly keychains, bookmarks, postcards

  • 2-3 prints

    The bags are listed by theme but every single item in the bag may not be within the theme. Most items in one bag will have different images on them. If you order multiple bags, you will probably get some repeat images.

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