Since decks take up a lot of space and are expensive to keep in stock, The Game Crafter is now handling all orders for my Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck, expansions, and other related products.  Decks ordered from The Game Crafter are made-to-order, so it can take up tocouple of weeks to get your order from The Game Crafter.  If you want your deck signed, you will need to make arrangements to either bring it to one of my art shows, or mail your deck to me.  You can inquire about mailing your deck to me for signing by e-mailing

Please note that if you order a deluxe 60-card deck from The Game Crafter you DO NOT need to order the "Expansions 1&2" deck sold by them. That expansion set only includes the 20 cards missing from the 40 card set that was offered during the Kickstarter campaign in 2013. If you get the deck pictured above, you are already getting all 60 cards.

If you have the box pictured on the left, buying the expansion deck on the right will complete your deck and you do not need to buy the deluxe edition pictured above! The button below will take you to the expansion set if you have the 40 card edition.

Decks come in a foam-lined box which contains 60 illustrated cards and a guidebook with 18 pages of definitions.  Each card has an upright and a reversed definition, giving you 120 possible messages!  The decks come in a large deluxe box (9" long x 6.75" wide x 1.25" deep) and the cards are 2.75"x4.75".  They are printed in full-color on high-quality card stock.

Clicking the button below will take you to the deck on The Game Crafter's website. Oracle decks ship separately from items for sale at and customer service questions about the decks will need to be directed to The Game Crafter.  Oracle decks ordered at The Game Crafter ship from The Game Crafter and are not signed!

Will there be another print run of the deck, or more expansions?

I am working on a re-release for the fifth anniversary of the deck's publication in 2018. I won't be making more expansions for this deck, as I would prefer to focus on creating an entirely new deck.

I have a 40-card deck from the Kickstarter, can I buy the 20 extra cards in the deluxe edition?

Absolutely! On the left you'll see information about the expansion deck that includes the 20 cards missing from the 40-card Kickstarter special edition deck.

Can I still buy the 40-card deck?

No. It wasn't as popular as the 60-card deck despite the lower price point, so I made the decision not to continue to update and support it.

Can I get a booklet with the second edition updates?

You can download a .PDF copy of the revised guidebook for free by clicking HERE.