Questions About The Art

Q: What medium is the art created in?
A: Prior to 2014, I worked almost exclusively as a digital artist and occasionally created pieces in watercolor. There were also a few graphite, egg tempera, and acrylic pieces. In 2014 I switched to using traditional media, and now I primarily create my pieces in oils, pastels, and watercolors, and occasionally fluid acrylic paints. I despise heavy-body acrylic paints and refuse to use them unless I absolutely must! I also use graphite, vine, and willow charcoal for sketching, under "painting", and planning my works.

Q: What types of pastels does Tiffany use for her art?
A: I have a huge assortment of pastels. They were my first love when I was a teenager in high school art classes and I frequently feel there are things that you really can only use pastels for. I have a massive supply of hundreds of pastels from Pan Pastels to sticks to pencils and so on. I am not particular about what brand I use, but I do like Caran d'Ache pencils, and I use Sennelier, Nu-Pastel, and Rembrandt sticks.

Q: What brand of watercolor paint does Tiffany prefer?
A: My favorite is Daniel Smith, by far, but I also use Holbein regularly. I have a few Winsor and Newton colors I use, and some Yarka pans that I utilize frequently.

Q: Is there a brand of oil paint that is better than the rest?
A: I think it depends on how you use it and what you prefer. I like Gamblin paints but I also favor Holbein and Grumbacher paints and I have all of those plus M. Graham, Winsor and Newton, Bob Ross, and Blick paints in my toolbox.

Q: How often do you use acrylic paints?
A: It depends on what I'm working on. They're great for under paintings in preparation for a detailed oil painting, or for touching-up watercolor paintings. I don't use acrylics on their own and I almost exclusively use Golden fluid acrylic paints. They're very watery but still marvelously opaque! I dislike heavy-body acrylic paints and I don't really use them anymore unless there's no way around it for some reason.

Q: Do the paintings have a deeper meaning or message?
A: Not particularly. Usually I am pretty upfront about what inspired a piece, and it usually doesn't have any deeper meaning (to me) than that. Other people sometimes see things in them that I didn't intentionally put there, or interpret them to mean something more than I was thinking when I created them. Such is art.

Q: How does Tiffany create her oil paintings?
A: If it's a small piece, I usually sketch it out on heavy paper and essentially do the "under painting" in Van Dyck Brown or Prussian Blue pencil. I seal it and thinly layer oils over the top. For larger pieces I sketch it out at a smaller size, then either scan it in and print it out larger or project it onto a panel and trace over it. Once my sketch is in place and my paper sealed, I use acrylics or very thin oils in Van Dyck Brown or Payne's Gray to complete the under painting before proceeding with layering on colors. Large oil paintings on paper are always mounted to boards before they are sold, so that they don't buckle, ripple, or crack as they age.

Q: How is the art stored before it is purchased?
A: Sometimes I keep them in dark storage, but if I really like a painting and I have room, I'll hang it on a wall in my house until someone buys it. I never store art in direct sunlight and my home is smoke-free.