Frequently Asked Questions About Tiffany

Q: Where did you receive your education?
A: I've taken classes in various colleges, both in pursuit of a degree and for personal enrichment. I've also taken workshops, attended lectures, and taken classes from master artists all over the United States. I think self-education is the most important tool an artist has and highly recommend books by Andrew Loomis and James Gurney for anyone seeking instruction in art.

Q: What inspires you to paint?
A: I'm not sure that it is any one thing in particular. I feel a strange obsession and compulsion to paint, and I tend to get irritable if I can't.

Q: Where do you work?
A: My home has an apartment level, and I work in the apartment and sometimes the garage. In the past I've worked in spare bedrooms, a converted hay barn, and a workshop in my garage. I have never had a studio in a different location from my home and I like the convenience of working from home.

Q: How many paintings do you create in a month?
A: It varies wildly depending on a variety of factors, including what medium I'm using, deadlines, my show schedule and so on.

Q: How much time do you spend painting each day?
A: Some days only an hour or so, some days 18 hours or more. Like the last question, it varies a lot.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to while you're working?
A: I listen to a huge variety of things while I'm working. I use Pandora and Amazon streaming services and listen to something new every day. I also run Netflix in the background, usually playing murder mysteries, period dramas, musicals, stand-up specials, etc. Action movies, artsy flicks and other things that I have to look at to understand don't work well for obvious reasons. I also have a massive collection of audiobooks and I mostly listen to antique and classic literature or horror, sci-fi, and fantasy books. I find if I don't have some kind of background noise going I pace and wander around the studio a lot, or I start over-analyzing what I'm doing or even myself. There are some phases where I need my entire concentration, and then I listen to nothing, birds outside, or a white noise generator.