What happened to Epiphany.Gallery?

In 2014, I decided to rebrand from the TiffanysRealm.com website domain I had used for over five years to Epiphany.Gallery. I actually never wanted Epiphany.Gallery, I wanted TiffanyEpiphany.com, but every standard domain using the name Tiffany Epiphany was taken. I settled on Epiphany.Gallery and for a time I was happy with that domain.

Unfortunately the technical side of non-conforming domain extensions had not advanced at that time and it still hasn't improved as much as I would have hoped in those two years. In English, websites would tell me that my info@epiphany.gallery email address was not valid, some mobile devices would not recognize www.epiphany.gallery as an URL. It was frustrating initially but I knew that .gallery domains were new at the time and I figured that within a couple of months it would work itself out.

A year went by and still the situation hadn't improved. In October of 2015 I began seriously pondering another rebrand. I didn't want to do it because I didn't want my customers to sense some instability or something with my business, but I also didn't want to keep losing web traffic and having my e-mail address be rejected! There were other issues too, some programs I use for technical business stuff didn't recognize the domain, and people were always asking me, "okay, but what's your website address?" because they didn't know that there were new extensions.

On the whole, I would recommend any artist considering one of the new extensions to steer clear of them and get creative. TITO is how I frequently appear on art show paperwork (first two initials of first and last name) and as I pondered what to do with my website, the nickname Tito grew on me. I registered the domain TitoLand.com (or TiToland.com, how ever!) and rebranded the website one last time in early 2016. We don't know what the future holds and one should "never say never", of course, but hopefully, fingers crossed!, this is the last time my domain name will change for a long, long time.